Franz Stegmüller

After graduating from high school in 1992, Franz Stegmüller began working as an auction describer. Until 2003, he worked for the auction companies Kirstein-Larisch and Deider in Munich. At the same time, he worked for the well-known and highly respected BPP expert Maria Brettl, learning the finer points of stamp expertizing from scratch. Like his mentor, Franz Stegmüller specialized, among other things, in the postage stamps and cancellations of the old German states of Baden and Bavaria from 1849 to 1875 (Kreuzer period).

He has been a member of the Munich Stamp Club 1905 e.V. since 1996,where he has given numerous specialist lectures. In 1998 he joined the Baden Working Group of the Association of German Philatelists (BDPh).

In 1999, he published an extremely well-researched and detailed article on the special features of correspondence between the Grand Duchy of Baden and the United States of America in the specialist journal “POSTGESCHICHTE”, which attracted a great deal of attention among philatelists and postal historians alike. In the same year, Franz Stegmüller became a BPP expertizer for the stamps and postal stationery of the Grand Duchy of Baden, including the Baden Landpost.

He has been a member of the Association Internationale des Experts en Philatelie and the BDPh’s Bavarian Working Group since 2002. Just one year later, he took up his work in the BPP as an expertizer for the postage stamps of the Kingdom of Bavaria (Kreuzer period). He has been a member of the Oldenburg working group of the BDPh since 2004. In 2007, he was appointed BPP expertizer for the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg.

Franz Stegmüller is an internationally renowned philatelic expert with extensive knowledge and exceptional experience.

I have already expertized this significant rarity:

Baden Fehldruck