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Philatelic.Experts — Trust in Philately

Are you an owner of philatelic rarities? In other words, rare and valuable stamps? If so, congratulations!

Have you acquired these exceptional items from highly regarded auction houses, or from well-known dealers? And can you trace the provenance of your material to renowned collectors of the past? Even better!

Do your purchases bear the signatures of renowned connoisseurs, or come with certificates from established experts? Wonderful!

But sadly, all that glitters is not gold!

Just as not all craftsmen produce work of the same quality, nor are all expert certificates made equal. In many ways, stamps are no different than art; insiders often know on whose opinion they can truly rely.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the uncomfortable feeling that comes when you begin to doubt an important piece in your collection. After speaking with a fellow collector, attending a lecture, or reading a specialized publication, you see a previously key item from a new perspective. Is it really genuine?

At times, the doubt comes after leafing through an old auction catalog, in which a rare stamp or exceptional franking appeared to be somewhat different than it is today, or was described in different terms. Were those illustrations from decades past simply not as detailed as we have now come to expect? Or have there been “enhancements” made to the item over the years? An added margin, or a new postmark? Suddenly, you become concerned that your treasured piece is not a rarity at all, but a forgery. Or that an exceptional-appearing item is, in reality, cleverly repaired.

Even the most diligent collector has made a purchase they regret. Inevitably, these are lessons we all learn the hard way. But when it comes to true philatelic rarities, the financial implications can be significant. 

Regardless of an item’s history, or it’s exceptional provenance, the day will come when the truth will out. If not now, then later, when a collection is sold.   The best way to avoid unpleasant surprises is to act early. By insisting upon the right expert certificates at the time of purchase, you lay the foundation for a successful sale – whenever that may be.

The Philatelic.Experts are professional philatelists, and not simply part-time enthusiasts. We have all learned the trade “from the bottom up” and have decades of market knowledge, complemented by the best contacts in global philately. With this experience comes a critical eye; even at the risk of being deemed “too strict”, we consider an objective description of quality to be indispensable. At the same time, we have the skills necessary not only to appropriately evaluate quality, but to assess the quality of a given item against known comparables. This provides you, the collector, not only with an assurance of quality, but with an understanding of how your philatelic rarities compare with other similar examples.

With our experience at your disposal, you can collect with confidence.